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Miss Lopez Media had the opportunity to work with BIPOC middle schoolers via the Campfire after-school program. Working with young people has been a long-time goal of Lopez's.


Lopez was eager to share her story and skills- to show youth that you can accomplish your goals regardless of your circumstances or experience in education.


Working with the youth remind's Renee not to take things too seriously. Young people are intelligent, capable, they deserved to be listened to, and be shown the same respect that we show adults. We must remind youth that they matter and do our part to keep fighting for a better future for them.


Witnessing the spark of inspiration of these learners means everything to Miss Lopez, and she hopes to continue this kind of work in the Bay area. Her dream is to initiate and build programming to provide DLSR cameras and equipment to BIPOC youth, so they may document their stories and communities.

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