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A Free-Spirited Bruja 

Pronouns She/Her


     Originally from Yakima, WA a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Renée Lopez is a self-taught photographer and creative director.

Soon after moving to Portland, OR in 2006 she began building her portfolio by joining the live music scene and attending shows frequently.

     As her community grew, she continued networking with new artists and friends, to document not only their events, but protests, rallies, and other community gatherings as well. It was in those moments that she realized her camera could be a tool to uplift and empower the people around her, specifically the BIPOC community.


     The first project to blossom from this newfound focus was the “Womxn of Color in PDX Series.” Due to Portland’s lack of diversity, she first reached out to womxn in her community. Gradually, the significance of this movement attracted womxn from all over the Pacific Northwest to collaborate. Highlighting BIPOC womxn while also representing the all-important community work they were doing, Lopez created a foundation that was not just healing in process, but also offering a stronger connection to her clientele. This series empowered these womxn by sharing their stories and creating space for them to feel seen for who they truly were- and be proud.


    Since Renee's debut in photography, she has worked with the likes of clients such as Nike, Adidas, and Damian Lillard. Nike's Biketown project; a monthly culture series was the beginning of these leaps and bounds that have only driven her motivation, and continue her life's work.


     After pushing out of her comfort zone, Lopez then moved to her dream home of Oakland, CA where she continues her community efforts through representation and advocacy.

Her inspiration stems from her community and anyone who uses their art, voice, and platform to speak up for their beliefs. She forever encourages other photographers, especially BIPOC to keep documenting their communities, cultures, and the places and cities they love. 

“Everyone has a story to share, everyone has a gift to bring to the table and world so let's let's capture it."


If you have a story to tell please reach out!

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